Take care
of yourself

Detect the early signs of
tobacco-related disease
with a simple questionnaire

It's never too early to spot trouble

Smokecheck® is a medical-grade app that helps to detect diseases related to tobacco consumption.


It does this by asking smokers and ex-smokers to answer 13 short questions about symptoms known to be indicators of lung disease.


If Smokecheck® detects something suspicious, it will notify you to contact your doctor.

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Simple to use

How Smokecheck® works

Complete a short questionnaire
Smokecheck® analyzes your answers
If it finds something suspicious, it notifies you to contact your doctor
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Based on proven technology

A class 1 medical device, Smokecheck® is brought to you by Sivan Innovation - creators of the first clinically proven device for the early detection of lung cancer, and trusted by leading oncologists and hospitals around the world.

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