• None of the health data are assessed by a physician into the app. Becareful, SMOKECHECK cannot replace a medical diagnosis.
  • We remind that only smoking cessation helps to prevent serious illness development. Only your physician can set up a diagnosis.
  • The app can help you to prepare the visit to the GP.This app contents your historical health data. You have to protect it.
  • It is recommended that the app be used for a smoker or a former smoker. Fill in the survey for multiple persons can lead to a confusion risk in results. The app is free so it is better to download it for each users.
  • Obtained results after a questionnaire are not exhaustive and do not presume the quality of your state of health and / or future, or conversely cannot alter your state of health.
  • Regarding your personal data protection, we invite you to read our privacy policy.
  • Portability of the historical data is only possible when the phone number is also asked.
  • An internet access is required to send questionnaires and analysis by the algorithms.

Restrictions on use:
  • User age indication : +18yo
  • It corresponds to compatible materials